Sensible Machine Learning Solutions for Retail tech & Fintech.


Machinalis' solutions suite for retail tech and fintech tackles key user journeys with machine learning interventions, enabling growth of key indicators where traditional solutions have reached a plateau.
From personalization to fraud detection, Machinalis delivers flexible solutions with simple tailorings to your company.
Solutions have three pillars, that intercept the user journey in sweet spots for machine learning:

Customer Experience

This suite intercepts the User Journey at key touchpoints, unleashing experiences through personalization and targeting.


A machine-learning powered backoffice suite, featuring shipping and handling prediction, logistics, fraud detection.

Data managment

A professional combination of Data science tools, allowing rapid pattern discovery and model generation.

Recommendation System

Manage product recommendations leveraging different goals, and the flexibility of the machine learning core.

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Predict user behavior

We empirically predict user behavior with flexible implementation, increasing opportunities for bundling and fidelity programs.

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Integrates with client databases

The system integrates with client databases to capture statistical data on views, purchases and other behaviors.

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KPI Optimization

The system allows optimization of KPIs such as conversion, discovery and long-tail visibility.

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We have achieved improvements of up to 52% in conversion.

Sistema de recomendaciones
Sistema de recomendaciones

Shipping Delivery Time prediction

A solution to provide a useful delivery date prediction which has a direct impact on customer experience.

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Delivery Promise tuning

Ability to manage the trade-off accuracy/late delivery.

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Handling time buffers

Based on item/provider record.

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Shipping delays

Includes seasonal, contingent and regular restrictions.

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Customer experience

Improved overall purchase customer experience in a 10% average.

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With over 10 years of experience working with Machine Learning products and solutions we have become a key player in the Latin America market, partnering with companies such as Mercado Libre, Olapic and Xapo. We provide world-class solutions to complex problems, with the know-how needed to gain an edge in ultra competitive markets.



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