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Don't Buy Machine Learning

A few comments for those who are about to invest on Machine Learning* intensive project

machine learning machinalis

Python for geospatial data processing

Satellite Images Classification In Python

data processing Data Science machine learning matplotlib numpy python scikit-learn satellite images classification

Quick introduction to Django Channels

A brief description of Django Channels and its application on a real-life Django site

channels Complex web development django geodjango Google Maps postgis postgresql redis websockets

Full Text Search in Django REST Framework with Database Back-ends

How to implement full text search with Django REST Framework, django-filter and PostgreSQL

Complex web development django django rest framework full text search mysql postgresql jwt

Full Text Search in Django using Database Back-Ends

How to implement full text search in Django using PostgreSQL and MySQL

Complex web development django mysql postgresql full text search python

It’s 5 o’clock Mate time!

Machinalis is landing in London

machinalis Complex web development Data Science

From Zero to Real-time Bidding (RTB)

A story

Complex web development RTBkit

Visualizing algorithms: release and share content in the Walnut project!

Now it is easier to browse and share your content

algorithms Walnut

More updates in our beta release of The Walnut!

Browse and explore content more easily!

algorithms Walnut

OAuth2 authentication with Django REST Framework and custom third-party OAuth2 backends

A complete example of how to implement OAuth2 authentication on a Django REST Framework with custom third-party OAuth2 backends

Complex web development django django rest framework rest oauth2 python