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Real-time notifications on Django using gevent-socketio and RabbitMQ

A GeoDjango based site to track incidents in real-time

Complex web development django Google Maps javascript postgresql socketio websockets rabbitmq gevent geodjango postgis python

IEPY released and demo available

Introducing Iepy an Information Extraction tool

information extraction iepy techcrunch crunchbase d3js python Data Science

Reading TechCrunch

The easy way using Data Science

information extraction iepy techcrunch crunchbase d3js python

Welcome 2015!

datetime.now().year == 2015


IEPY 0.9 was released

An open source tool for Information Extraction in Python

Natural language processing open source python scikit-learn InformationExtraction

Embedding Interactive Maps into an IPython Notebook

Using HTML widgets to create interactive maps on an IPython Notebook

python ipython html5 canopy pandas matplotlib basemap Google Maps OpenLayers Data Science

Support Vector Machines

Introduction to the inner workings of support vector machines

python machine learning Artificial Intelligence scikit-learn Data Science

Decision tree classifier

A simple implementation of the ID3 algorithm.

python machine learning Artificial Intelligence Data Science

Making the case for Jython

A real life example that shows the power of the JVM based Python implementation

python pandas Natural language processing jython java jvm

Machine learning and small problems

Predicting world cup matches to avoid cooking.

Artificial Intelligence ipython machine learning python