IEPY 0.9.4 was released

An open source tool for Information Extraction in Python

Posted by Elías Andrawos 2 years, 11 months ago Comments

We're happy to announce that IEPY 0.9.4 was released!!
- Added multicore preprocess
- Added support for Stanford 3.5.2 preprocess models
It's an open source tool for Information Extraction focused on Relation Extraction.
It’s aimed at:
  • users needing to perform Information Extraction on a large dataset.
  • scientists wanting to experiment with new IE algorithms.

To give an example of Relation Extraction, if we are trying to find a birth date in:

“John von Neumann (December 28, 1903 – February 8, 1957) was a Hungarian and American pure and applied mathematician, physicist, inventor and polymath.”

Then IEPY’s task is to identify “John von Neumann” and “December 28, 1903” as the subject and object entities of the “was born in” relation.


Demo using Techcrunch articles:
Github: PyPi: twitter:@machinalis

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