ISO 9001:2008 certification

#1: Making up your mind

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We at Machinalis certified our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) on November, 2012. As Quality Manager during the whole QMS deployment process (which extended through 2012), and the subsequent Quality Certification, I want to share some posts to make a review of the process, the experience -which was really rewarding, both in the personal and the professional level- and, maybe, leave some descriptions and advices to the decision-makers thinking about going through a similar process.

In general, there are two different approaches behind a Quality Certification:

  1. Because of the benefits of the certification: Some pros in terms of competitiveness and other governmental benefits are enough for some company’s decision-makers. Certification itself is not good or bad if the process to make it real is not evaluated.
  2. Because of the benefits of the process: The certification road, specially for a young company as Machinalis, is long and implies constant considerations and questioning about the current situation, status quo and potential changes on every single process of the organization. It’s a road filled with questions, leading us to observe our organization over day-to-day details, the answers of which will probably help us to focus on constant improvement in our clients’ satisfaction. In this road, it’s more important where we are going than the goal (certification) itself.

We, at Machinalis, decided to go with the latter road. Our decision to formalize our QMS did not involve a (formal) certification decision. That was something we started thinking through during these months, focusing on what we were doing, how we were doing, and most important, how to constantly manage our main goal: the improvement in our services in all the aspects where our clients -each one with its particular needs, requirements and priorities- need it.

So, the first step had been made: the decision from Machinalis’ management, the proper communication of this fact and the following support and counselling from each company member.

The rest of the road is hard and costly (specially on re-prioritizing resources, in an environment where these are limited), but the reward of the experience and the final result, was worth the risk.

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