Brand new... new brand message.

A new site, just another element of our identity

Posted by Sofia Calcagni 1 year, 7 months ago Comments

One year ago we moved to the Big House - part of the historical heritage of Córdoba. This was a clear sign of growth, not only in size but in many other aspects. And somehow we started caring more about how our environment looked and how it felt. By then we realised that every single aspect of Machinalis, tangible and intangible, speaks for us.

From that starting point, we knew that the image given was mismatching with the culture lived so we decided to start cooking something new, a new brand message. A message much more fresh, cheerful and fun, like our #machinalife.

  • We added more ingredients. We amplified the color palette to take out the hardness from the combination of red, black and white. If we enjoy what we do, working (and cooking) together, our brand should say so.

  • We pushed the white that helps to open the space and it gives a more comfy and fresh feeling, allowing you to enjoy more of the content itself. It is said that the best color for presenting food is white.

  • And as a third thing we added illustration, as a powerful sauce that helps to communicate and to empathize. It brings to light abstract and conceptual ideas of our brand, and smooths the idea of machines and systems.

We kept the logo, of course… we just love it and there was no reason to change that.

There is nothing static when speaking of communication so probably we will be mutating, adjusting and continue evolving with the organization growth.

As we move forward in that direction, creating identity and new content, we want to present you our new site as another landmark of this path. We hope you like it! We are eager to improve the recipe then all feedback will be more than welcome. Just write me here !

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