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Ninja ide 3.0

Ninja-ide 3.0 alpha, cleaning up the architecture.

python ninja-ide machinalis open source code

Real time web in django

telegraphy: enabling real time web in python / django

django open source websockets socketio python machinalis Complex web development

Simpleai talk at pydata

simpleai talk at pydata boston 2013 - (artificial intelligence python lib)

Artificial Intelligence machinalis open source python code


Time tracking and report generation

machinalis open source python code


New python tool for extracting parallel sentences from comparable corpora.

Natural language processing open source python machinalis machine translation machine learning

Quepy: python to do question answering

quepy project uses python to do question answering (nl to mql) over freebase

machinalis open source python Natural language processing code Data Science


simpleai, an implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms based on aima-python

Artificial Intelligence code python machinalis open source