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PyConAr 2016

Small recap

python pyar machinalis community

Watermarking images on Django sites

Techniques to generate visible and invisible watermarks using Pillow and django-imagekit

Complex web development django Pillow django-imagekit python

Integrating Pandas, Django REST Framework and Bokeh

Ajax based Bokeh charts using Pandas and Django REST Framework

Complex web development d3js data processing Data Science django django rest framework numpy pandas pydata rest python

Machinalis hired DRF's Tom Christie!

And you can do it too

django rest framework machinalis open source django python community

First release of mypy-django

Enable static type checking in your django projects

Complex web development django python mypy software engineering testing

OCR with Django and Tesseract

A Django site that integrates with Tesseract to provide an OCR service

Complex web development django html5 iepy javascript ocr python

Searching for aliens

Detecting extraterrestrial activity on earth using Python

algorithms classification data processing Data Science Google Maps machinalis machine learning python satellite images opencv

Python for humans

My talk in the PyDay in Baradero (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

machinalis python talk pyday pyar community

Controlling uncertainty on web applications and APIs

A Django middleware to introduce uncertain behaviours on sites

Complex web development django django rest framework python rest testing

Writing type stubs for Numpy

Adding Mypy type signatures to Numpy

python mypy numpy