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Optimizing your tests in Django

Tips to make your unit tests run faster

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Your very own MusicBrainz

Importing MusicBrainz RDF dump into Virtuoso OpenSource

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Quepy talk at PyData Silicon Valley 2014

“Querying your Database in Natural Language”

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Feature Forge lightning talk at PyData sv2014

our industrial Machine Learning tool in Silicon Valley

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Migrating data into your Django project

A successfully applied technique to migrate data into a Django project

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Industrial Machine Learning with Feature Forge

Your intuitions to scikit-learn in just 2 steps

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Real-time Django notifications with node.js, socket.io and Redis

How to push notifications to the user of a Django website in real-time regardless of the browser.

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Time intervals and testing

How to unit-test python modules that need real date/timestamps

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Telegraphy provides real time events for WSGI Python applications

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REfO: Regular Expressions for Object

REfO: Lacking a proper name, REfO stands for "Regular Expressions for Objects".

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