• We are your tech partner, integrating our team to your business and culture, understanding the challenges you face and delivering our experience on helping startups to grow through great software.Custom Quality Software Development of an entire project.

  • We expand the value of your Business, taking ownership of your value proposal and Machinalizing it - by finding new ways to apply technology to enhance that value.

  • We build your vision, bringing on board a team of software engineers, UX experts, business analysts and field experts to give birth to your vision; usually breaking through the frontier of knowledge.

We make computers learn

Machine Learning / NLP / Data Mining / Artificial Intelligence

Turning the thinking, learning and understanding capabilities of machines into a tool that can be used to the benefit of you, your users and other machines:

  1. Discovering and reproducing behavioral patterns of information.
  2. Capitalizing on the information that internet users’ habits create explicitly or implicitly every day.
  3. Automating the things you do every day better, quicker and 24/7.
  4. Enabling computers to learn and implement the best of your business ideas through the growing range of possibilities created by cutting edge technologies.

We are Data Culturized

Data Extraction / Data Analysis / Data Processing / Data Visualization

Transforming big volumes of unintelligible and disperse data into visible information:

  1. Concentration and normalization of big volumes of data that are dispersed in multiple sources.
  2. Processing of data that due to a lack of structure, analysis or calculation, cannot be transformed into usable information.
  3. Inspection, clean-up, transformation and modeling of the data to obtain valuable information, suggesting conclusions and supporting the decision-making process.
  4. Presentation of complex data in schemes that permit simplified visual manipulation.

We are shaping the Web

Complex Web Development / Process Automation / Python-Django Development

Bringing your idea to see the light of day. Watch the face of your business interacting with your users.

  1. Development of user-friendly interfaces for big volumes of users or data with performance, integrity and information security demands.
  2. Turning your services and products into a web-based set of business tools.
  3. Replacing repetitive tasks with computed processes.

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